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Compnay history for Gollon Brothers Wholesale Live Bait, Inc. in Stevens Point, WI

Gollon Brothers Wholesale Live Bait, Inc

Company History

For over eighty years the Gollon Family has been at the forefront of the North American Live Bait Industry, and now, as the fourth generation, we continue to innovate and provide the best products and service possible. Our main service is supplying bait shops throughout most of Wisconsin with the largest selection of high-quality live bait. In addition, we also supply regional distributors across the northern United States.

Our new state-of-the-art facility, located just five miles northeast of Stevens Point, WI, was recently constructed with all our knowledge of holding live bait applied to it. Even now, improvements are still being made, as demand for our products steadily increases. The key to this farm is the WATER. After almost ten years of searching for the right location with the water quality, quantity, and drainage that was mandatory, here we are. Our fleet of trucks also share the years of technology in transporting live fish efficiently with the least amount of stress.

We are one of the few bait wholesalers who have direct experience in farm raising of bait fish (aquaculture), importing/exporting, and harvesting direct from the wild. With what we produce, added to our extensive network of growers, catchers, and brokers from all parts of North America, allows us to have the largest selection and highest quality possible. And because we service such diverse regions, it enables our customers to have access to different kinds of bait not otherwise available.

We pride ourselves on having the best bait possible, as often as conditions allow. (Lets remember, we're dealing with live critters, and 100% success is unfortunately impossible.) A certified fish veterinarian frequently inspects our baitfish to ensure health and prevent disease. Also, the fish are screened for impurities (bullheads, sticklebacks, etc.) before they are shipped out. Its very rare to get something you didn't ask for with our system of quality control. Customers also appreciate our carefulness in sizing/grading, so that the size and count is predictable.

One of our main goals is to be sure no customer is without bait when he needs it. Although it's a "two way street" (customer stocking prudently), we won't sleep until this goal is achieved. And our long-time customers know this (References available). Also, keeping a predictable schedule is important to us, but being flexible is equally of value. With accurate pricing and invoicing, honest, polite, knowledgeable and professional staff, you can be sure doing business with us is a pleasant experience.