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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we ship live bait?
We have regular delivery routes. We also ship via FedEx, UPS, Spee-Dee Delivery, and nationwide by Truckload.
For additional information on how we ship live bait, click here.
Do you sell retail or to individuals?
Currently, Gollon Brothers is a Live Bait Wholesaler and we do not sell retail or to individuals. But it is something we are planning on doing in the near future. Like us on Facebook to get the latest updates.
How do we determine size, grading and sorting?
To ensure a top quality product, all baitfish undergo the following (if applicable):
  1. Thorough Size Grading: Using "grader boxes", all baitfish are graded to the desired size. A grader box is a floating container with thin bars that are equally spaced on the sides and bottom. The smaller fish swim through, while the larger ones stay in. The distance between the bars is measured in 64th of an inch. Example: a #33 size grader has bar spacing of 33/64". Because of the different body size characteristics between species, (some are fatter than others are) a wide range of grader sizes are used.
  2. Hand Sorting: With many of the wild harvested baitfish, up to 30 species may be in the same batch. We have dedicated technicians who hand sort them by species allowing us to have a consistent product. 
  3. Conditioning: All baitfish are acclimated and purged if coming in directly from storage/growout ponds or rivers. In addition, a salt bath is often utilized. By doing this, they are "hardened" to decrease mortality and retain a vigorous nature. Health inspections are performed on all baitfish.

To learn more about how bait fish is measured click here.