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Genus/Species: Nephelopsis obseura

Sources: Wisconsin & Minnesota

Availability: April - October

Hardiness (5 is best):


Leeches Knowledge

We're proud to offer the largest leeches in Wisconsin. Just like the rest of our live bait, our leeches are well known for their highest quality, consistent sizing, and superior availability (from April through October!)

We can guarantee you won't find better leeches than ours! The quality, consistent count, and price are absolutely unbeatable - Our leeches don't suck!


Whether you need 25 lbs or 5000, call us at (715) 344-9843 (minimum order 25 lbs). We also sell pre-packaged leeches by the dozen when you order 1 or more cases (72 containers per case).

Size Per Pound
Small 225 - 300+
Medium 170 - 225
Large 125-160
Jumbo 85-120
Super Jumbo 50-80

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