Pick any two.

The word is out! Our genuine Canadian Nightcrawlers are growing - literally! We've invented a very secret conditioning process that makes all of our pre-packaged worms the largest, firmest, and liveliest 'crawlers you've ever seen! Your customers can't help but catch big fish!

We've got the right species for any season, click on each of the links below for more information:

Canadian Nightcrawler

Genus/Species: Lumbricus terrestris

Common Names: Dew Worms, Beaver Tails, Dillies

Availability: All year.

Green Nightcrawler

Genus/Species: Lumbricus terrestris color modification

Availability: All year.

Panfish Worms

Genus/Species: Eisenia Hortensis

Common Names: European red worm, european nightcrawler, dutch worm, super worm

Availability: All year.

Wax Worms

Genus/Species: Galleria mellonella

Common Names: Bee Moth Larvae

Availability: All year.


Genus/Species: Eristallis tenax

Common Names: Drone Fly Larvae

Availability: November through March


Genus/Species: Calliphora vicina

Common Names: Spikes, Maggots, Blue Bottle Fly Larvae

Availability: November through March.

Mayfly Larvae

Genus/Species: Hexagenia limbata

Common Names: Wigglers

Availability: Generally all year. Sometimes in short supply from May to August.