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Emerald Shiner

Genus/Species: Notropis atherinoides

Common Names: Milwaukee Shiner, Lake Shiner

Sources: Wild harvested from the Wisconsin River.


  • September through late May.

Hardiness (5 is best):

1 Summer
3 Spring & Fall
4 Winter

Emerald Shiner Knowledge

  • We specialize in packaged frozen Emerald Shiners.
  • Gollon Brothers stores large quantities of Emerald Shiners through the winter months in our storage ponds to ensure a constant supply.

Size and Grading

SizeLengthGrader SizeCount Per Gallon
Small1 to 2"below 152000
Medium2 to 2.5"15 to 171200
Large2.5 to 4"above 17700

Additional Information