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Fathead Minnows

Genus/Species: Pimephales promelas

Common Names: Fats, tuffies, crappie minnows, perch minnows

Sources: Cultured in ponds in WI, MN, SD, ND. Some are farmed in Arkansas.


  • All Year
  • XL - Limited Quantities

Hardiness (5 is best):

4 Summer
5 Rest of Year

Fathead Minnows Knowledge

  • Fatheads are the most popular and universal of baitfish.
  • Commonly used as forage for gamefish.

Size and Grading

SizeLengthGrader SizeCount Per Gallon
Small1 to 1.5"below 172400
Medium1.5 to 2"17 to 191600
Large2 to 2.75"19 to 211000
X-Large2.75 to 3.5"above 21600

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